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Getting to the Guts of Detox

Detox Perth – Listen to Your Gut

Do you frequently suffer from diarrhoea, constipation, bloating or gut pain? Have you had a case of ‘Bali belly’ or travellers’ diarrhoea and never fully recovered? A Practitioner prescribed clinical detoxification program can be the answer to tackling these uncomfortable and frustrating symptoms. Contact us to assist with improving your digestive health and restoring your vitality once more. When in need of detox Perth locals can turn to Claudia at Betterhealth Clinic.

Getting the Balance Right

Within your digestive system you have trillions of helpful bacteria (and other organisms), together referred to as your ‘microbiome’. In a healthy digestive system these bacteria coexist in balance with each other. However they can be disrupted by infectious organisms such as certain food-borne bacteria (e.g. salmonella), or parasites (e.g. threadworm). Other people may develop an excess of bacteria in the small intestine (known as small intestinal bacterial overgrowth or ‘SIBO’), with all infections potentially leading to symptoms of gas, bloating, diarrhoea and/or abdominal pain. Left untreated, a gut infection causes damage to the lining of the digestive tract, leading to ‘leaky gut’. This condition causes inflammation and further microbiome imbalance resulting in ongoing and/or worsening of symptoms.

Betterhealth Clinic Knows …

Your body and health concerns are completely unique, therefore generic ‘one size fits all’ detoxes off the shelf are unlikely to produce the best results (and sometimes no results at all); wasting both your time and money. Avoid this by speaking to Claudia. We can recommend an individualised gut detoxification program that targets your specific symptoms for a long-term solution.

The Gut Pathogen Elimination Program is only available from your Naturopath. This specially designed, professionally guided program incorporates researched herbs and nutrients with tailored diet and lifestyle recommendations. This program will help relieve your digestive symptoms by improving overall digestive function. Neutralise any gut toxins, remove unhealthy bacteria and parasites. Restore balance to your microbiome, and provide the ingredients required to soothe and repair your gut lining.

We can also assist with IBS treatment Perth.

Healing Herbs

The key to success when eradicating gut pathogens is to consume specialised herbs. These are used to remove any parasites, as well as tackle unwanted fungal or bacterial overgrowths. These include:

  • Myrrh – a precious tree gum resin, this age-old herbal remedy removes parasites, worms and unhealthy bacteria, while also helping to relieve indigestion and bloating.
  • Nigella – a traditional Ayurvedic herb used to expel worms and remove other parasites. Nigella’s ‘carminative’ action soothes digestive discomfort including indigestion and diarrhoea, creating a healthier gut environment within which to re-establish a healthy microbiome. Pomegranate peel – offers antifungal, antibacterial and antiprotozoal actions (protozoa are types of parasite).
  • Pomegranate peel is also used as a digestive aid, to help relieve flatulence, reduce cramping, and soothe the digestive system.
  • Phellodendron – traditionally used in Chinese medicine to maintain upper intestinal health, this herb is indicated when SIBO is present due to its potent antimicrobial properties.

When in need of detox Perth residents can rely on Betterhealth Clinic.

Detox for Life

The foods you eat (or don’t eat!) play an essential role in detox so Claudia will tailor a detox diet based on your symptom presentation and health history. We recommend you eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, spices, legumes, nuts, seeds, and wholegrains. These foods contain fibre and antioxidants to support your microbiome, promote regular bowel motions, and reduce symptoms such as bloating and abdominal pain. When combined with the herbs and nutrients , a detox-friendly diet helps you return to optimal digestive health.

Other detox tips include: drinking 8 glasses of filtered water each day to support healthy kidney detoxification; incorporating daily exercise (ideally work up a sweat!) to support skin and gut detoxification; and aim for 7-8 hours restorative sleep every night so your body can generate the vital energy it needs to be well again.

Detox Perth – Contact Us Today

When shortlisting Naturopaths for detox Perth families should look no further.

If you (or someone you know) are experiencing any digestive discomfort; speak to Betterhealth Clinic about our Gut Pathogen Elimination Program. Enjoy a happier and more vital you!

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