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Energy is the currency of life.  When things go wrong tiredness transforms into persistent, often debilitating fatigue.  In our clinic the goal is to identify the cause of your physical complaints and to address them as quickly and safely as possible.

In order to provide you with the best possible health care the BetterHealth Clinic, which is owned and operated by Claudia is designed with a partition of three separated treatment rooms to accommodate your health care needs.  The consultation room is set up in a homely atmosphere yet very professional setting.  The initial blood and urine testing will take place in this room as well as your bio-impedance analysis and zinc assessment.

PLEASE NOTE: Assessments only take place if needed/not all tests can be performed during the same consultation.

Price inclusive assessments are for 1 hour initial consultations only.

40 MINUTE Initial consultations do not include any testing in the price.

Your initial naturopathic or nutritional consultation with Claudia requires approximately 1Hour and  the cost is inclusive of the following:

Urine Assessment

Blood type assessment

Live Blood Screening (Screening test not diagnostic tool)

Bio Impedance Analysis (full body composition screening)

Zinc taste assessment

If there is any physical discomfort or pain to the abdominal area this will also be checked, so it is recommended you wear loose clothing.

Please bring any relevant test reports to the consultation (no older than 6 months for blood results)

Your personal health concerns and goals will be addressed through a full discussion of your personal health history and findings of screening tests.

Digestive complaints, headaches, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and many other conditions may benefit from programs created through the findings of naturopathic and nutritional consultations.

Goals, methods of achieving these and time frames in which your goals will be attained will be discussed before implementation so that we can together tailor them to your circumstances to include not only physical ability, age, gender, but also work and other family commitments.

Should further testing be required it is normally done during follow up consultations.

Covid-19 Message
Due to COVID-19, the clinic is still operational with adjustments to include ONLINE CONSULTATIONS & PRESCRIPTIONS & SEAMLESS HOMEDELIVERY SYSTEM OF ALL PRODUCTS. Our phone is being answered 6 days a week.