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A natural approach to health is always desirable. In naturopathy you will find a holistic method of care which recognizes the ability of the body to overcome disease.  Treatments aim to support and aid the body to heal itself – in other words we are supporting the organs and systems that support the functions that have been compromised perhaps through lifestyle, genetic predisposition or dietary imbalances.  In this way natural medicine seeks to get to the underlying causes of illness and pain you may currently be experiencing.

At BetterHealth Clinic we pride ourselves in being an “evidence based practice” which means as described by the Institute of Medicine (2001) that the best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values have been integrated into your treatment protocols.  Evidence based practices are distinct, and essential to the advancement of service delivery as we merge key aspects of science, clinical expertise and personal values to ensure you attain the best possible health results from your treatments.

At the BetterHealth Clinic, Claudia will provide you with over 10 years of training. You will enjoy thorough consultations. Each consultation is tailored to suit each individual and all based on specific health assessment results and your personal account on the history of your health.  

What to expect from your Naturopath

The consultations are comprehensive and you can expect your first visit to take approximately 1hr.  At BetterHealth Clinic all areas of health care concerns are treated thus providing you with personalised, holistic care.

Claudia specialises in functional nutrition for both men and women & nutrition for mental health (nervous disorders).  Other areas of special dedication for Claudia in the clinic has always been digestive complaints and pain management.  Our clinic has always given great care in the women’s health department in our community to range from hormonal imbalances to fertility and menopause.

Due to the close relationship between our neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine and GABA with our digestive system Claudia’s spectrum of care also encompasses chronic conditions like IBS, and weight gain/weight loss that is unresponsive to conventional diets.

Our clinic provides care for the whole family

You may wish to email us with an enquiry or phone us with your enquiry before you come in if you feel unsure as to whether or not we may help you.

During your initial naturopathic consultation, you will be completing some initial paper work with personal details and you may be tested for heavy metal toxicity, blood type (if you don’t know it) a full body composition analysis, tongue and nail analysis.

To ensure a thorough case history, the practitioner may also conduct a brief physical examination and will be looking to see your most recent pathology reports and current medications.  This process will help to determine the location and nature of the problems as well as suitable treatment protocol.

We do not employ any invasive testing or any painful methods of treatment.  Your privacy is always respected.

Pathology tests may be ordered as needed to include saliva hormone testing and allergy tests, some urine tests and the live blood screening tests which are done in house.  Normally these tests are done during a second consultation as they may take considerable time to complete. (Please note: these tests carry a separate charge).

Our in-house testing techniques will allow you to see the results in real time.  Results are explained to you at the same time. A treatment protocol will be offered to rectify any specific imbalances and you will have the opportunity to ask questions

You will feel involved and in control of the progress of your treatment at all times. 

In our care you will learn about your body and you will not be a simple observer in the process.