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Pain Management

Physiokey Pain Relief Technology

The Physiokey has revolutionised a therapy method that has been in use since the early 1980’s. The betterhealth clinic specialises in the fast relief and sustained recovery from both acute and chronic pain as well as loss of function. The physiokey has been medically approved to do just that.

The Physiokey (ARTG ID 230724) is latest in the well known and researched medical technology in the field of bio-feedback controlled non-invasive neurostimulation.  The development of Physiokey is now characterised by a significant increase in treatment efficiency, speed, and more importantly, positive patient outcomes.


Pain Management Perth:

Treatment of Acute Pain

Treatment of Chronic Pain

Injury care and recovery

Back and Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Abdominal Pain

Fibromyalgia Pain and Fatigue

Reduces Swelling/Inflammation

Oedema (Fluid Retention)

Improves Circulation

Improve Function

Improve Flexibility

Use for Subacromial Impingement Syndrome Study at the University of Potsdam (2009) *Gorodetskyi I.G et al, Non-invasive, interactive neurostimulation in the post operative recovery of patients with a trochanteric fracture of the femur. JBJS-Brit Vol.89-B, Issue 11, 1488-1494.

The therapy may be used in your case as a stand alone form of treatment or in conjunction with other therapies to include our Low Level Laser (to further enhance the treatment by reducing scar tissue)  to further assist with inflammatory drivers deep within your body or the Energy Blanket to help further relax the Sympathetic Nervous System which is a major contributor to the pain cycle.

The aim is to get to the root of your problem and not just treat the symptoms, thus returning quality of life that you’ve long forgotten.

Experience Pain Relief You Never Thought Possible

Speak to us today by contacting the numbers on this page or book on line through this page.

  • A therapy session typically lasts between 20 to 40 minutes.
  • Bring any recent pathology results
  • Bring any recent x-ray or other imaging results
  • Bring information as to all medication you are currently on
Covid-19 Message
Due to COVID-19, the clinic is still operational with adjustments to include ONLINE CONSULTATIONS & PRESCRIPTIONS & SEAMLESS HOMEDELIVERY SYSTEM OF ALL PRODUCTS. Our phone is being answered 6 days a week.