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Excellence in Natural Medicine

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A natural approach to health. In naturopathy you will find a holistic method of care which recognises the ability of the body to overcome disease.

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Weight Loss

Our weight loss programs are designed to improve your metabolic rate so you burn fatty reserves as a source of energy rather than carbohydrates.

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Nutrition & Wellness

Due to your lifestyle, refined food consumption, stress levels and genetics you may not be meeting the nutritional requirements your body needs.

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Stress & Anxiety Support

Experiencing stress, worry and mood changes is not uncommon. You are not alone. Supporting your mental wellbeing is the first step to balance.

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Women’s Health

It is estimated that as many as 90% of women of reproductive age experience a menstrual and/or hormonal disorder that affects them on a regular basis.

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At Betterhealth Clinic we provide a range of effective assessments and tests to help you develop your goals and to improve your health potential.

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A Better Health Clinic

Our vision keeps our focus on facilitating your recovery, restoring function and empowering you to maintain optimum health, thus enhancing your enjoyment and quality of life. Improve your life … improve your health. Let us guide you.

Claudia Barreiro created the Betterhealth Clinic to reflect her ongoing passion for the scientifically supported application of natural medicine and non-invasive screening health assessments.

Having experienced surgery and chronic health conditions herself, Claudia finds it enriching to help others through the use of naturopathy, nutrition and non-invasive treatments. Claudia is used to working in support of western medical treatments as the clinic receives doctor’s referrals from Joondalup and across Perth in WA, for specific nutritional care and naturopathic advice relating to digestive complaints, diabetes, allergies and mental health care support as well as weight loss programs.

Claudia is a fully accredited member of ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society). Our naturopathic clinic offers a professional and personal environment, making sure your personal values are upheld at all times.

Claudia constantly upgrades her qualifications to stay abreast of new developments in naturopathic and nutritional care. To do so Claudia regularly attends seminars and medical conventions. This ongoing learning allows her to provide you with the most up to date level of care and personal service possible.

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