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Mental Illness

Understanding Mental Disorders

What is mental illness? Experts define a mental disorder as a significant dysfunction in a person’s thinking, emotional control, and behaviour. The condition often disrupts a person’s ability to relate to others and to deal with the demands of life.

The severity of symptoms can vary in length and intensity, depending on the individual and the particular ailment and circumstances. It can affect people of any gender, age, culture, race, religion, or educational and income level. Mental-health disorders are NOT the result of personal weakness or character flaw. Through appropriate health care, individuals can be treated and can live a productive and fulfilling life.

Sometimes a combination of both main stream and complementary health care are extremely useful and effective.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) many people with mental illness refrain from seeking treatment because of the stigma associated with it. Please be assured that at the BetterHealth Clinic you will be treated with respect and provided with individual health care to help you get the most out of your life.

Whilst well meaning friends suggest that tings will get better soon or that things aren’t as bad as we think, and to look on the bright side of life…These comments can sometimes just increase feelings of inadequacy, guilt, and failure you may already be feeling.  Don’t let mental illness beat you though… acquiring better understanding of your condition and taking the right steps to apply treatment can truly enhance your outlook on life and help those that love you support you in a more efficient way.

The first crucial step though is to obtain and accept suitable treatment from a competent health care professional. Remember sufferers, can only benefit from the experience when they accept suitable treatment. This may require overcoming any reluctance to talk to others about a mental illness.

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