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Revolutionary Electro-Therapy

This may just be the treatment to help you, as it has been found to have a profound effect on acute and chronic physical pain that has not responded to other forms of treatment.

Studies at the Macquarie University Sydney have shown dramatic results with pain reduction, functional improvement and health restoration.

The SCENAR device is a small hand held unit and the therapist will apply onto your skin. A tingling sensation may be felt, however it is not painful. The treatment will last between 30minutes to 1 hour.

Scenar Technology:

“A breakthrough in non-invasive health-care. Practitioners and research studies have shown that patients can recover upto 70% faster by interacting directly with one of the main control mechanisms of the human body: Neural Responses.”

Evidence based trials have shown that with the right stimuli, the human body is able to allocate more internal healing resources to speed up recovery from chronic pain, chronic diseases and injuries. RITM SCENAR technology and protocols have been designed to facilitate this process and bring faster results than most other therapies.

Bipolar Electro-impulses

SCENAR generates a non-damaging & high amplitude bipolar electro-impulse, which resembles the body’s physiological bio-currents.

Due to the unique physical characteristics of the SCENAR signal, the excitation of the thin pepetidergic C-fibres is higher in comparison with other methods of electrotherapy. In this way without disturbance of the cell functions, a maximal part of the nervous tissue is activated, which is necessary for the achievement of optimal adaptation response from your body.


SCENAR is the first electrotherapeutic device in the world working on the principle of real time biological feedback between the device and the body. Reading the permanent change of the skin impedance, SCENAR, constantly

modulates the form of its signals.

As a result each signal is different from the previous one, which prevents the development of accommodation to the action before the organism has generated enough neuropeptides, necessary for overcoming the pathological process and restoration of homeostasis.

RitmScenar Professional devices are used worldwide and an increasing number of medical specialists are using SCENAR therapy in their daily practices.

Back Pain Thermal Images

Thermal images can give a strong graphic representation to the underling change before and after SCENAR Therapy. Until recently its may have been difficult to ascertain the location of painful areas and related Key-points. The SCENAR is capable of finding and treating these often invisible foci of pain. The thermal image may indicate the before and after effects of treatment.

The Case Study patient (above) presented back pain (top to bottom) and left sided posterior chest discomfort. The initial thermal image shows diffuse spine inflammation with discrete focal regions of intense inflammation in the sacrum (bottom arrow), lower thoracic spine and in the musculature medial to the left scapula (top arrow). There is also a region of thermal activity indicating underlying joint dysfunction (second arrow) likely to relate to nerve irritation at the spine. Full spine and para-spinal muscle SCENAR Therapy treatment for 30 minutes (single session) demonstrated marked reduction in painful inflammation (hot = red) in all the regions described above which also reflects an improvement in function associated with nerve irritation reversal.








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