Charges & Rebates

Private Health Fund Rebates on Consultations

Rebates available from all major health funds depending on your level of cover

HICAPS is available in the clinic where your health fund has provided that service to naturopaths/nutritionist)



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Consultations & Treatments (prices effective as at 3rd January 2017)

(Naturopathic/Pain Management/Nutrition)


  • Extended consultation/ treatments – $125(up to 1 hour))      (Pensioners $110)
  • Extended consultations/treatments – $95(up to 40 mins)       (Pensioners $90)
  • Standard consultations/ treatments – $65(up to 20 mins)   (Pensioners $60)
  • Energy Blanket $65 (40 mins) -Less for packages- Health fund rebates available on this service
  • Energy Blanket $95 (1 hour) -Less for packages – Health fund rebates available on this service
  • Sauna $33 (30 mins) Pay for 3 up front get 1 FREE
  • Sauna $50 (1 hour) Pay for 3 up front get 1 FREE

Children up to 12 years initial consultation

(Nutrition/Naturopathy/Pain Management)

mother and child naturopathy

  • Initial consultation – $110 (40 mins approx.)-
  • Standard consultation – $60(20 mins approx.) 

  Health Assessments:

blood 2 heavy metal test

   Clinical screening test -$55 +extended consultation (allow up to 40 minutes)

  • Blood typing $15
  • Urine test $15
  • Bio -compatibility test (500 items tested) – SENSITIVITIES to ENVIRONMENTAL/CHEMICAL/FOOD EXPOSURES) $255 (hair sample required)
  • Female Panel – Saliva Hormone test – $20 per hormone plus a $20 handling fee on initial test charged by the lab (all payable to lab directly) +$15 for the kit payable to clinic
  • Zinc taste test – $5


Cancellation Policy

  1. You are required to provide 24 hours notice if you cannot attend your appointment so that this time may be allocated to those on waiting lists.
  2. An appointment reminder is sent to your phone the day prior to your appointment with an option to cancel.
  3. The reply is at the clinic’s expense.
  4. If you do not reply it will be considered a YES response and the cancellation fee will apply.
  5. A charge of $35 will apply to all missed appointments without the 24 hour notice. This charge applies to all type of appointments made including sauna sessions.

Your thoughtfulness is appreciated and helps us to keep our charges as low as possible.

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