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Online Consultation

Naturopath Online Consultation From The Comfort of Your Own Home.

Betterhealth Clinic offers convenient Skype appointments when you are unable are unable to attend our clinic due to time constraints or distance. Video consultations are providing you with extra flexibility of choice.

Skype Naturopath Online Consultation

Skype allows our Naturopath, Claudia to video call anyone in Australia (or overseas) for their initial and follow up naturopathic or nutritional consultations. One-to-one video calls allows us to get closer to you. Whilst we are happy to organise a phone consultation the video call will ensure you don’t miss out on the personal approach you would receive within a consultation at the betterhealth clinic.

Are you time-poor, bed-ridden, based in a remote location or even located overseas? Feeling your circumstances prevent you from achieving your health goals? Book now, your video consultation to start your journey to better health. Claudia will be delighted to speak to you and give you the support you need.

The betterhealth clinic prides itself in providing professional healthcare online services covered by private health funds. You will find that getting online healthcare advice and support will be simple with our naturopathic online consultation service.

How to Access Skype

Simply download and install Skype by clicking on this link.

Skype is available for desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones for both PC and Mac.

If you’re using a desktop computer, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got a webcam and a microphone. Most laptops, tablets and smartphones already have these features inbuilt.

How to Book Your Skype Appointment

Please call our reception on 08 9300 0018 to arrange your online appointment and to pay via credit card. Please also identify your health concerns at the time of booking your appointment.

Covid-19 Message
Due to COVID-19, the clinic is still operational with adjustments to include ONLINE CONSULTATIONS & PRESCRIPTIONS & SEAMLESS HOMEDELIVERY SYSTEM OF ALL PRODUCTS. Our phone is being answered 6 days a week.