Effective Tools for Weight Loss Success

Know Where You’re Going

Goals are like a roadmap to success – they show you where you want to be, help you plan your way there, and show you when you are off track. SMART goals – goals which are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and have a Timeframe – are an important tool for successful weight loss. Setting SMART goals around physical activity, dietary change and weight leads to better weight loss results, and can also help you stay inspired to keep up those healthy habits.

Keep On Track

Recording and tracking your weight can be motivating, as you see your hard work paying off! It also enables you to respond quickly to any weight increases if you’ve been neglecting exercise or indulging in too many high calorie foods. For best results, measure your weight once or twice per week during active weight loss, and daily if you are maintaining your weight. Tracking your daily exercise and food intake can also help you monitor your progress. Ask your Practitioner about the Shake It app today – it’s an easy-to-use tool that not only tracks weight, exercise and sleep; it even calculates the calorie content of your food and drinks and can sync with your fitness tracker to help keep you on the path to success.

Plan to overcome obstacles

Like many others, you are likely to encounter obstacles on your path to lasting weight loss; some will be predictable, while others may come out of the blue. Instead of giving yourself a hard time, be proactive and positive! Problemsolving techniques can help change your behaviours and create solutions for challenges that crop up. This strategy involves thoroughly understanding the problem and why it occurred, brainstorming potential solutions, and choosing the one most likely to succeed. This will help you respond differently next time you face a similar situation. ‘Your Shake It Journey’ is a series of information bites that can be emailed to you throughout the Shake It Practitioner Weight Management Program. These explore goal setting and problem-solving methods in more detail, and provide invaluable diet, exercise and behavioural change tips to help you reach your goals. Your Practitioner can sign you up for this informative resource.

Get Expert Advice

There is a single tool that can help you set goals, make and maintain healthy changes, overcome obstacles, stay accountable and motivated, and get better weight loss results. Want to know what it is? It’s your Practitioner! People who set goals with the help of their Practitioner, and who communicate weekly with them (in person or via the Shake It app), lose more weight overall. Attending consultations also enables your Practitioner to monitor changes in your body composition (fat and muscle mass) using bioimpedence analysis, so you can both see the real changes that come from your efforts.

Did you know…?

Both low fat and ketogenic (‘low carb’) diets are equally successful for weight loss. That’s why the Shake It Program gives you a choice between the two. Shake It is easy to follow, includes lots of support from your Practitioner, and guides you to make sustainable, healthy changes for lasting weight loss. Mindfulness can help you lose weight. This practice of focusing on the present moment can increase your awareness of your own hunger and fullness signals, reduce stress eating and help you build a new relationship with food.

Take the first step

Although it can take time and effort to reach your goals, these strategies can make the journey easier! For help putting these effective weight loss tools to work, speak to your Practitioner about The Shake It Program today.