Bowen Therapist in Perth

You will experience long lasting pain relief through this safe, dynamic non-invasive method. Bowen therapy is an internationally acclaimed therapy, developed by Australian Tom Bowen over 20 years ago. The results are profound as not only the superficial but also the deep connective tissue of your body is addressed.

Experience the difference only personalized treatments can bring. Significant improvements in body function and pain relief are experienced with the first couple of treatments.

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Improving quality of life through freedom of movement with Bowen

A Bowen therapist will use moves that are a form of gentle but precise connective tissue manipulation. Connective tissue is one of the four traditionally classified types of biological tissue. These moves are focused on crucial junctions of muscle, ligament or tendon, nerve pathways, blood and lymph circulation.

The main tissue treated is called FASCIA. Muscles and bones are supported and encased in this structure. Fascia should not be neglected as it forms one continuous structure/sheath which mediates cellular communication as well as providing structural support and protection. Blood vessels deliver oxygen and nutrients into this tissue as well as protecting nerves.

One main advantage of Bowen therapy is that it is not limited to the injured/affected area, but your whole body is treated for absolute achievement of body balance.

At the BetterHealth Naturopathic Clinic, located in Perth’s regional city of Joondalup, you may find help for a range of conditions through this type of treatment– to include headaches, back pain, injuries, arthritis, hormonal irregularities, digestive complaints, stress, respiratory ailments, tennis elbow and neck pain to mention a few. You will benefit from expert health care that comes from over a decade of experience in Bowen Therapy treatments.

Our therapist Claudia has attended several and varied schools of Bowen in order to bring a variety that further enhance your pain management treatments.


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Depending on your condition Claudia may recommend the combination of other therapies such as the Far Infrared Sauna or SCENAR alongside needed supplements to further treat the underlying cause of your pain. Book online or call us on (08) 9300 0018 to visit our Perth clinic today. You will not be disappointed.